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Don Quixote, Acting Classes, Monologue Slam Update

The last day for a delightful Don Quixote marionette puppet show is this Sunday at 1pm and 5pm. There is nothing like this nearby so take advantage. What is fun for HMTC to see is that most of the audience members have been mostly adults! We think that adults remember studying Don Quixote and want to revisit the story. The young that have come learn about Don Quixote for the first time in an adorable way. Trust me, the marionettes are exquisite.

Session 3 acting classes have been going on nicely. If you applied, and haven’t walked in to take advantage, we have two more classes for adults (10/18, 10/24) and a few more for teens and kids' classes (10/19, 10/26, 11/9, 11/16). We are a walk-in acting class.

In our acting classes we use improv games to train actors. We love this method of teaching because it is fun and promotes actor skills that can be remembered. We also study scenes from short plays that are submitted to us. We get scripts internationally. If we see a play that our actors respond to, we will do that show during the time in between acting sessions.

First time in our new location is the monologue slam. This is a competition of a roughly 2–3 minutes of a monologue presentation. It will be held on November 18 and this time it is a hybrid. People can submit their monologues by video or be there in person for the judging. Cash prize for the winner!

It has been a great year for HMTC. We moved into a new location in January in old downtown Hanford. We made our theater in the center part of the building which is made of brick and called it Lil’ Brick Theater. The seats are movable so we can do a variety of setups.

People are discovering where we are located and what we do. We are here to promote creativity for we believe creativity is good for your health.

Tickets at for all events.

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