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Don Quixote Marionette Puppet Show on Film

Updated: Feb 29

Last October, our puppeteers performed on stage the marionette /puppet adaptation I wrote of Don Quixote. In January, the puppeteers came back and performed the adaptation without an audience for filming purposes. Yunnie Munoz and I did the camera work. Then, all of February, I worked on editing the film. Today, the film is ready for the public.


We are very proud of the show and would like to do the puppet performance live again, however, filming it gave a brand-new dimension to it.


Let me mention that this Don Quixote film turned out very well.  It is just as lovely as seeing it in a live marionette show on stage. There were a lot of hours in editing, and a few times some mishaps with the program, but we now have a beautiful project to make all that contributed to the project very proud.


We will choose a date for a premiere of the puppet adaptation of Don Quixote. We need to fit it in our currently busy schedule. Right now, we have a March 16 Standup Comedy show with our comedian Bob Fernandez and our new Udderly Improv group. On April 27 we have the Monologue Showcase that will be performed by our students of ages 5-16. On the very next day the Actors Studio Showcase will be presented by the adult acting class.  In May, we have planned a show called The Trial of Bookus.


So, we either wait until June for this premiere, or squeeze in the Don Quixote puppet film in between our current shows. Either way, it will be made for the public. Keep updated on this project and our other shows by subscribing at our website at




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