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The 6th Annual Hanford Monologue Slam announces the top three winners. Congratulations to first place winner Carlos Sanchez of Lemoore, California. Second place Angel Pean from Decatur, Georgia, and Salma Alatorre from Hanford, California. This was the first slam at the Hanford Multicultural Theater Company’s new location in Old Downtown Hanford.

This slam was also lived streamed. This too was a first for Hanford Multicultural Theater Company to simultaneously live stream. It was a YouTube live-stream. You can still go to the link and view it. Thanks to the expertise of Scott Yarbrough to present the slam with this alternative.

All judges came from Hanford. Enormous thanks to Don Brakeman, Janie Isidoro, Rhonda Yarbrough, Alicia Ferrer, Paul Rohrbough, and Barbara Rohrbough. We appreciate your careful selecting of winners from the best of the best.

As we write this, the artistic crew is discussing a story slam. A story slam is just that. You come up to the mic and tell a story for five minutes. The story slams are quite enjoyable for an audience and fun for the one telling the story. Locally, there are story slams in San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Monica, Ojai, and Slab City. It would be great to do one in Hanford. We will in 2024. Subscribe on our website so you can get the notices.

As we close the year 2023, we are grateful for the support from donors. We are extremely grateful to have a location of our own to welcome community members to share in the performance arts.

A great thank you for all that have come through our doors as participants, audience members, and well-wishers. You mean a lot to us.

Raymond Gomez

Associate Artistic Director

November 19, 2023


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