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Truth be told, I used to do ventriloquism. I did it years ago while pioneering an All-Day Kindergarten class back in the day. It worked wonders with a class full of energetic kindergartners. It was a great tool for the class. I would say to the students that if they followed directions and did their tasks, Rosarita would come out of her trunk to talk to them. Worked like a charm every time.


Years later, in 2017 I co-founded Hanford Multicultural Theater Company. I envisioned puppetry in our programing, but it wasn’t until 2020 that I wrote the play, Pedro the Puppeteer.  In that show I mixed human actors and hand puppets. The story, Pedro was a puppeteer that was having a puppet career crisis.


Last year, after discovering beautiful Czech Republic marionette puppets of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, I knew that was the next project. Simply because of the beauty and expert craftsmanship of the puppets and my intrigue of marionette puppets. I researched Don Quixote and did not find a true marionette puppet show of Don Quixote. So, I wrote one. It is an adaption of the Miguel Cervantes novel for the puppet stage.


The current show is called THE TRIAL OF BOOKUS. It is a musical puppet show. The puppets are made by Mark Saltzman and the music is by Jerry D. Gonzalez. The musical puppet show was funded by The Center of Cultural Power- California Arts Council. The musical is contemporary       with the book banning that has increased in the country. I wondered what the puppets thought about being taken off the shelves.


The Trial of Bookus musical puppet show has two more shows this weekend at 6pm. Ticket prices are modest, and you can order online. Tickets can be available at the door, but we recommend online to reserve a seat.


Tickets are available at

The Lil ’Brick Theater is at 119 ½ N. Douty Street in Old Downton Hanford. See you then.



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