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Hanford Multicultural Theater Company was awarded an Artists in Schools grant for two years. Now students can get in-class theatrical arts training. Acting, improvisation, puppetry, and film will be explored.

The skills from the arts are incredibly beneficial to students in all areas of their education. Students will learn how to think on their feet. They will gain confidence. They will sharpen their minds and improve their cooperation skills. They will learn to take innovative risks. Learn to go with the flow. They will become better listeners. They will become more creative, and overall get satisfaction with their creative output. Afterall, isn’t this what the students need after the last two years!?!

Two school districts are working with our artists on a schedule to begin in January 2023. The artists will get paid by the California Arts Council grant.

Direct student learning with artists will be inspiring to students. Teachers will learn the techniques, too. This way, the arts exposure for the students is long-lasting.

One of the school districts selected opted for an afterschool program. It will be called Theater Club. The other school district will have the in-class theatrical training during school time.

After the fact, Hanford Multicultural Theater added a Film Lab to one of the school districts. Techniques of shooting film and editing will be taught. The students will then have a screening of their films for the public.

The film lab is the brainchild of HMTC’s Technical Director Scott Yarbrough. He arranged 16 computers as a donation from Gary Goss at California Computer Technologies. To completely outfit the Film Lab, HMTC is asking for donations of monitors, and keyboards.

A great thanks to Scott Yarbrough, Gary Goss, and the California Arts Council for caring for our children in Kings County.

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