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Puppet Show for all ages today at 5pm

This Saturday at 5pm, a puppet event at the Old Church. Heeding the desires of parents and grandparents wishing there was something a little different to take kids and grandchildren, HMTC put together a puppet event called PUPPET SHOW+, which will feature a Korean story by Fresno author Grace Eunsung Cha.

The plus in the title for this Saturday’s event includes a short puppet film entitled DON’T JUST LOOK, supported by Arts and Accessibility Grant from the Arts and Disability Center. This puppet play was intended for a live production in 2020, but public assembly restrictions were in place, so it was filmed. Results turned out nicely, so we included it in Saturdays PUPPET SHOW+. It will be seen on a large screen.

Reyna, a six-foot-long dragon, will make an appearance, as well. She is so large she has to be on the shoulders of the puppeteer. She went to the Hanford Thursday Market recently and helped pass out flyers for an HMTC event.

The final part of the event will be the re-showing of PEDRO THE PUPPETEER. We recommend ages 13+ for this show. There are some words the puppets say that parents might not want their children’s little ears to hear. This also was a show that had to be filmed instead of presented due to state restrictions. However, we are happy we filmed it. In editing we were able to add special effects.

The event is $5 a person and it can be purchased online or at the door. If you purchase online there is more information on the location of the show. Go to or call us at 559-997-3838.

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